A Mykonos Wedding-Honeymoon
Your wedding is a fantastic ceremony and celebration. The two of you joined for a lifetime together. Putting together a party like that takes a lot of time and a lot of work—and it is for everybody, even if the bride and groom are the central players. But they are also the folks who are doing all the work!
When it is time for you to celebrate your union, your honeymoon is exclusively meant to please the two of you. And what better place than Mykonos to enjoy each other? Incredible sunsets, sparkling starry nights, crystal clear indigo waters, the most gorgeous beaches on the planet, fantastic food – and other.
You can find yourself in the thick of it when it comes to activity or quietly isolated from it all.
Mykonos has several beautiful resorts that cater specifically to honeymooners who want to enjoy nothing more than each other. Listed below you will find several Mykonos hotels that are geared just for you. Website links follow with hotels that are for newlyweds, honeymooners and any couple that just wants romance.

Honeymoon-Wedding resorts Mykonos Luxury Hotels

Myconian Collections, Mykonos Grand, Saint John Mykonos, Belvedere Mykonos, Kivotos Mykonos, Petinos Beach, San Marco Mykonos, Palladium Mykonos, Semeli Mykonos,  Apsenti couples   etc.