Mykonos Hotels & villas

Mykonos Hotels & villas

While you are in Mykonos, you will find exquisite hotels and villas that offer superior service. These venues....

Mini Guide

Mykonos Mini Guide

The Mykonos Mini-Guide for 2, 3, 4, 5 days So, you’re coming to Mykonos! Super! It may be a small


Mykonos Activities

Mykonos offers its visitors a variety of activities for fun in the water, on the water and under.. So, you


Aphrodite of Delos

July 24, 2017 0

Marble group of Aphrodite with Pan and Eros (About 100 BC ) The naked goddess of beauty and love is rendered frontally with hair well-combed…

Apollo the Eternal teen

June 28, 2017 0

The epitome of youth and beauty, source of life and healing, patron of the civilized arts, and as bright and powerful as the sun itself,…


February 28, 2017 0

Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister of Apollo, was goddess of chastity, hunting, wild animals, forests, childbirth, and fertility. Convincing her father…

The Pithos of Mykonos

August 28, 2011 0

More than 5 decades ago, during a dig for a well, just off today’s retail center of Matoyianni Street, an ancient urn dating to 700…