Harmony Boutique Mykonos Hotel
..and when I arrive at the last rung of this dark ladder and I open the door of the room only then do I realise that the room was – is – a large garden full of music and paintings My soul is often an alley in

Mykonos when the night comes..

(N. Engonopoulos, The clavicembalos of silence, 1939).

Welcome to Harmony Boutique Hotel, the first Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos by the sea, on the old port of Mykonos. Our hotel is a typical example of local folk architecture – whitewashed cube-like houses, pure lines and rambling alleys – which has inspired dozens of architects around the world.

In Harmony Boutique Hotel, everything is harmoniously bound together, reflecting the wisdom and prowess of the old master builders who wanted the cube-like, snow-white houses to be small and functional.

The meticulously arranged decorative details of the hotel?s exterior spaces are discreetly integrated with the landscape?s structural elements and features without overwhelming the building.
Opening the window, you are faced with a feat of architecture and tourism, bustling with life and offering everything from shopping and eating out to nightlife that caters for every taste. The view from each room in Harmony Boutique Hotel gives the impression of an enchanting painting full of colours and musical images. Before your eyes lies the deep blue of the sea, the pure white of the houses, the kaleidoscope of emotions and the cosmopolitan vibe emanating from the town and port, generated by vacationers from all around the world.

And if you opt to stay in the hotel and experience more tranquil and romantic moments, our people in Harmony Boutique Hotel will professionally, discreetly and friendly satisfy all your wishes.
Number of Guest Rooms: 22 Number of Suites: 6
Building of traditional architecture