A Proud Member Of Mykonos Resorts And Still Maintaining The Principles Of A Family Run Establishment

Palladium Boutique Hotel Mykonos is a distinctive member of Mykonos Resorts, highlighting exceptional standards in accommodation and services. With a team of experts aiming at providing top notch holidays to each guest, Palladium boasts exquisite care and attentiveness that resemble a homely, family run establishment. High quality facilities, luxury amenities and bespoke services are blended together for the optimal outcome reflecting genuine Greek hospitality. If you are seeking for a lodging that combines five star accommodation with the true meaning of refined hospitality, Palladium Boutique Hotel Mykonos is the right place to be!

Genuine Mykonian Hospitality in Cyclades
The sublime beauty that signifies the warmth and hospitality of Cyclades and Greece is reflected on the exclusive hotel services offered at Palladium Boutique Hotel in Mykonos. In this Cyclades property of infinite luxury, guests are offered an impressive array of top class services. Palladium Hotel takes great pride in its amenities and stunning accommodation, where the magic of Greece can be felt in every detail. Its comforts and luxuries complete the dreamlike quality that prevails in every waking moment of your stay in Mykonos. In perfect alignment with the warmth, kindness and generosity characterizing the locals and Greeks throughout centuries, first-rate services exceed expectations and envelope guests in a sense of sheer luxury.
The enduring beauty of long lasting customs in Greek hospitality is reflected when guests are greeted like old friends with welcoming drinks and fresh fruit. Combined with sincere warmth and intimacy, Palladium offers its guests the opportunity for total rejuvenation from the moment they check in till the time they depart for their home filled with sweet memories.

Discover Mykonos and Its Unique Beauty

Mykonos is a beautiful Cycladic island where antitheses are blended in a marvelous way. Historic monuments such as the emblematic island of Delos add to the special character of Mykonos, with daily cruises departing to explore the glorious historic value of this uninhabited and alluring island. Apart from Delos, significant historic value lies in the museums of Mykonos. The Archaeological Museum, the Nautical Museum and the Museum of Folk Art are true gems on the island of Mykonos offering wonderful experiences to their visitors.
Of course, Mykonos is world renowned for its vibrant nightlife. This is a cosmopolitan destination, an island that never sleeps and provides the ultimate hub of entertainment. Partying till the first daylight has been a long-lasting attraction of Mykonos, with a plethora of celebrities and jet-setters visiting the island to be part of its effervescent character.

Peter the Pelican has been a true landmark on the island of Mykonos, since it is an iconic pelican that has lived all his life on the island and has befriended the locals. A sparkling presence in many pictures captured in Mykonos by travelers from all over the world, Peter is now long gone but has been replaced by a lot more pelicans feeling welcome on the island. If you see one of them, just enjoy!
Last but not least, the Church of Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most popular churches in Cyclades. Located in Chora, it stands tall in its pure whiteness and captivates the attention of everyone around due to its magnificent size and exquisite design. There are five smaller churches actually composing this masterpiece, definitely worth a visit!