Fresh Hotel Mykonos 3 star

Nestled in the heart of the enchanting cosmopolitan Mykonos town in the captivating island of Mykonos in Greece the unrivalled, newly renovated boutique hotel, Fresh Hotel Mykonos, encapsulates the island’s cosmopolitan essence and alluring ambience in a world of modern elegance and contemporary comfort.

Having recently undergone a change of ownership and appearance, the former Marios Hotel is now a refreshing and blissful oasis offering excellent boutique hotel comforts and sublime relaxation, delectable Greek fusion dining delights along with a unique lodging experience of genuine hospitality in Mykonos town. Fresh Hotel is the optimum affordable hotel in Mykonos town reflecting the Cycladic spirit and the island’s world-class splendor.
Modern Boutique Hotel in Mykonos Town

A perfect setting for an unforgettable island escape or romantic getaway, Fresh Hotel is a charmingly modern boutique hotel, ideally situated in the very picturesque vibrant capital of Mykonos Island, Mykonos town.

Inspired by the brilliant Cycladic architecture with the sheer whitewashed walls and the elegantly paved courtyards this enchanting modern affordable boutique hotel in Mykonos town, Fresh Hotel, envelopes guests in a warm embrace and provides all the essential elements for a spectacular holiday experience in the entrancing
island of Mykonos in Greece.
Central Boutique hotel in Mykonos, Greece

Situated in the magical center of Mykonos Town this attractively appointed modern boutique hotel in Mykonos, ex Marios Hotel Mykonos offers a relaxing hideaway in Mykonos town harmoniously adorned with the island’s cosmopolitan culture and traditional grandeur. Pleasantly unpretentious the Fresh Boutique Hotel in Mykonos is an ideal downtown hotel choice for guests seeking a comfortable true value for money accommodation in Mykonos with direct access to the effervescent Mykonos town, outstanding hotel facilities and distinctive hotel services.

Fresh Hotel Mykonos is a contemporary boutique hotel in Mykonos town providing an excellent base to explore the famous cosmopolitan island and the vibrant nightlife scene of Mykonos town while enjoying the unmatched air of warmth and relaxed privacy.