The statue of the “Philosopher of Antikythera”

Material: Bronze
Provenance: Antikythera shipwreck. From the material retrieved in 1900-1901
Date: Ca 230 BC or shortly thereafter
Inv. no: Athens, National Archaeological Museum, Χ 13400, X 15105, X 15108, X 15091, X 15090, X 18932, X 15088
Exhibition Place:Temporary Exhibitions Wing, Room I
To the cast bronze statue are attributed the head (X 13400), the hands (X 15105, X 15108), the sandaled feet (X 15091, X 15090) and the fragments of the himation (X 18932, X 15088). In the reconstruction drawing by I. Svoronos, the “Philosopher” was depicted standing with both feet firmly planted on the ground, wearing a long himation that covered most of his body down to the knees, and which was folded over his left shoulder. He held a staff in his left hand, while his right arm, bent at the elbow, was extended in a gesture characteristic of orators.