Live the Myconian Experience

Myconian Korali Spa mykonos Hotel

Life at the enchanting Korali is definitely easy; anticipate only glorious days of sunshine and endless pampering like a gentle sea breeze; colorful, cheerful, with magical views from every angle of the pool deck and a vibrant atmosphere all day long. George’s bar signature cocktails and refreshing drinks will make your evening far more intriguing while a soothing massage in the Satori Thalasso Spa might prove quite helpful if you are planning a late night out in Mykonos Town.
Satori Thalasso Spa

Thanks to a paradise location and the sense of well-living that pervades the whole island, it’s easy to feel refreshed just by walking into the lobby of the Spa. Close your eyes, let yourself go, boost circulation, relax the nervous system and shake off long – but not gone – fatigue. Enjoy a traditional massage or experience the very latest therapies, according to your needs, wrapped up with exceptional service, preformed only by experts on the field. It all comes with the added benefit of five therapeutic pools, to balance body, mind and soul.
Spa treatment products

Amongst the finest care and treatment products that you will enjoy during your visit at the Satori Thalasso Spa, you’ll find the famous St Barth spa treatments range that perfectly balances the skin and your senses with its seductive Caribbean appeal. You will also enjoy the well-acclaimed Elemis spa beauty products. Our expert staff will guide you through the right treatments, the perfect moves and the ideal products that fit perfectly to your needs.