Palladium Boutique Spa Mykonos, Relaxing Massage, Sauna and Beauty Treatments

Discover an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation in a private and tranquil setting, where guests experience an indulgent treat with a combination of natural ingredients and highly trained professionals.
Energize the body and soul in cocoon type treatment rooms, where an ambience of total solitude and a tremendous sense of tranquility heighten deep senses and ease aches and pains gently away.
Get into the pine room sauna and relish the warmth overwhelming your body and soul, in a magical experience that purifies and invigorates. And then, it is time to treat yourself to the most splendid beauty treatments and services that will lift your spirit even higher.
Palladium Boutique Hotel Mykonos offers guests the opportunity to escape into a world of invigorating massages with scented oils and enjoy relaxing treatments never experienced before.