The Greek Islands in early summer are fabulous, long hours of sunshine with the island’s flora and fauna fresh and bursting into life. The perfect setting to escape the daily grind, spring clean and shake off the winter cobwebs and gloom.
The Yoga

As with all our yoga holidays I work hard to create a practice that can be adapted to suit all-comers. The yoga will comprise the spectrum between dynamic and deeply restorative yoga gently. I make it clear you can do as much or as little as you please.

Yoga will take place in the morning and late afternoon with 10 yoga sessions of varying lengths and content. There is never any pressure for our yoga guests to take part in every yoga session and non-participating partners are always most welcome on our yoga holidays.

I don’t belong to any particular school of yoga and I teach in a spontaneous, non-dogmatic way. Students work at their own pace with a strong emphasis on taking what they need that day from the practice and leaving out what they don’t.

In general, the morning yoga sessions in Mykonos, will comprise more dynamic and energetic flow yoga with modifications offered to suit the individual levels of students and pranayama (breathing techniques). This will be followed by a guided relaxation or visualisation meditation.