About Lucy
Lucy Hamel, originally from Boston, Massachusetts has been immersed in her love of body work for more than thirty years.

You do yoga, you, really?
One look at my rather round rump and my thunder thighs offers no hint that I am a yoga fan. And when I tell people I have been attending some incredible classes they look at me in disbelief.
And I don’t just like it – I DO YOGA.
That’s right, moi, rotund moi with thick thighs and big butt.I go to classes and I have even spoiled myself with a wonderful retreat in Costa Rica this past February.
Why? Two words- Lucy Hamel
Now let’s be fair-Lucy has been my dear friend for 25 years so I may have a slight bias toward her. She has instructed me in fitness on and off throughout that time—aerobics, personal training and now yoga. She has watched my body expand and helped me to shrink it back down again with artful sculpting. (Currently I am in the “expanded” version of fluctuating body weight!)
I can tell you that she has taken me on many a journey of self-exploration and introspection throughout our relationship and it has always helped me to effectively see me.

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