The Entertainers

Over the past 30 years, we have been so fortunate at both The Piano Bar and at Montparnasse to be able to bring you live entertainment on a nightly basis. And throughout those years we have been so grateful to have had an amazing group of very talented people performing each night. As it is in cabaret, every night, every performance, every song is different and unique in its own way. And we’ve had the opportunity to witness and participate in some very special moments that can best be appreciated by those who were there to enjoy each experience in a live setting such as ours. We’ve had moments that made us laugh out loud,mixed with those special songs that make even the most hardened of hearts break, and the laughs and tears have been many.Those are the times we all remember and relive happily, with each of us recalling a note, a movement, a great combination of piano and vocals that touches us in a special way. We’ve even had those moments when something didn’t go according to plan,whether it be the song, the moment, the electricity or in a couple of instances, someone taking the microphone to perform who turned out to be a legend in their own mind. But those less than stellar moments are fewer, of course, and we still remember them with a shake of the head, a wince, and even a chuckle and a smile as we acknowledge the human element of live cabaret.
You never know what’s goiing to happen on any given night, and that’s what makes it fresh and exciting. And while we’ve had some very familiar faces join us over the years, and some less familiar ones as well, all have brought the fun along with them to The Piano Bar and Montparnasse. To them we offer our eternal gratitude, and our hopes that these wonderful moments mean as much to them as they do to us. And we offer our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who have stepped into our bar and into our lives. You make us so proud of what we do in Montparnasse, and you also make us eager to see what each day will bring to us, and to Mykonos.