Your Precious Love!

Featuring a lifeguard on duty, a boutique and the restaurant, Super Paradise Beach Bar is the organized spot for a great day at Super Paradise beach.
Unwind your bodies on the sunbeds and sip some sun or, just lay your towels down on the soft golden sand and feel its warmth on your bodies.
There is always plenty of space to enjoy the sun the way you like it in Super Paradise Beach Bar.

Enjoy your sea dips and relax early in the day, while getting yourselves ready to party as time passes by. In mid-afternoon, the music gets louder
and the party starts.Meet a great mix of personalities and bodies enjoying the vibes of the beach while worshipping the sun and don’t blink your eyes twice if you spot a celebrity dancing next to you. Super Paradise is a popular beach paradise for everyone, packed with clubbers, jet-setters, models and VIPs.

Super Paradise Beach Bar is a great choice to sip some fresh fruit cocktails, fill your stomach with fruit salads with Greek honey and yogurt, replenish your energy needs and keep on partying!