Mykonos Activities Horseland Riding
Horseland offers you a memorable and safe riding experience. Clients have the opportunity to discover and live through unique, breath-taking moments on the island. Natural landscapes of singular beauty are approached with respect to each rider’s specific needs.The tour on horseback is an initiation to the distinctive Cycladic environment, as well as to the indigenous wild life. Horseland accommodates rescue animals. Horseland is fully insured and provides all necessary safety equipment for a pleasurable ride. Transportation to and from the client’s accommodation is provided with a Land Rover or a limo Rover.

Fokos beach.

A ride, starting from the stables in AnoMera following a lake trail and water reservoir leading to Fokos beach and back to the stables.Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. We’ll help you keep this experience for ever.

Ftelia’s option

If you don’t want to ride but you really want beautiful photos with our horses next to the sea, take your couple / love / friend / partner and come at Ftelia Beach.