Finding peace in body and soul is an important part of your holiday. Is peace possible on the island of Mykonos—party central? Of course!! Just as there are many choices to engage in “the hot nights after a day in the sun,” there are several “YOGIS,” professional practitioners, on the island that will help you to reconnect with yourself and the strength of you. Whether you have never engaged in yoga or you are a regular and vinyasa breathing is not foreign to you, you will find a practitioner to suit your needs.
Namaste … (The word is derived from Sanskrit. The real meaning is to recognize the soul or God in the other person.)

Island Yoga Flow

Lucy Hamel is a mind body spirit personal trainer. She uses the tools of rebirthing/breathwork, yoga, and reiki as well as a fusion of other disciplines to bring you closer to living out your deepest truest potential. She is based in both Greece and Costa Rica, and also travels internationally doing workshops and retreats. Originally from Boston, she has been immersed in her love of body work for more than thirty years. Through time Lucy developed a style of Yoga flow that adds in elements of play (which she considers vital for all of us) that guide you into a deeper union awareness. Lucy narrates her classes in a way that makes you embrace your connection to your self. Simply opening a hand differently in an asana can move feelings though the heart or shift a thought. Her classes bring challenges that will make you shake and smile , as well as focus greatly on the core. Music and mood will vary as much as life. Her ability to see each student as a unique individual adds greatly to the growth you will find during your time with her whether through yoga, breathwork, personal training, Skype sessions, or retreats.
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Yoga Mykonos

Luxury and Premium Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training Services. At Yoga Mykonos, you can take advantage of private and group lessons for all levels. Private lessons can take place at your own residence (hotel, villa, apartment) or an outdoor site of your choice (like a beach). Your options include different types of Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and many others practices. We organize daily in groups Awakening Yoga and Sunset Yoga which will give the Yoga lover an opportunity to experience their practice from the most unique vantage point Mykonos has to offer. With us, you can also organize a private yoga retreat. Request a reservation online or contact us directly by phone or e-mail for more info.
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As with all our yoga holidays I work hard to create a practice that can be adapted to suit all-comers. The yoga will comprise the spectrum between dynamic and deeply restorative yoga gently. I make it clear you can do as much or as little as you please.
Yoga will take place in the morning and late afternoon with 10 yoga sessions of varying lengths and content. There is never any pressure for our yoga guests to take part in every yoga session and non-participating partners are always most welcome on our yoga holidays.
I don’t belong to any particular school of yoga and I teach in a spontaneous, non-dogmatic way. Students work at their own pace with a strong emphasis on taking what they need that day from the practice and leaving out what they don’t.
In general, the morning yoga sessions in Mykonos, will comprise more dynamic and energetic flow yoga with modifications offered to suit the individual levels of students and pranayama (breathing techniques). This will be followed by a guided relaxation or visualization meditation.
The late afternoon/ early evening yoga classes, will include slower asana practice, with some poses held longer for deepening, yin yoga, gentle and restorative sessions, pranayama, guided relaxations, yoga nidra and guided meditations.

The Atmankriya Center with its inspirational name (Body & Spirit) was created in Mykonos in 2010 by OrsaliaFusteri. The Center offers high quality Yoga & Pilates services. This is a friendly place at the most central point of the island with a variety of Yoga – Pilates – Swing courses that will inspire you right away and with the guidance of our teachers to discover the right practice for you. Work Shops & Seminars are also held at the Center by qualified teachers in the field.
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Relax, breathe and flow into the island’s sacred and revitalizing energy. The Panigiraki Castle offers unique yoga sessions a breathtaking view overlooking the island of Delos. Based on Hatha Yoga (vinyasa breathing) system of Ashtanga. Sunset Vinyasa will be taught at the beginning level but modifications to intensify the asanas will be given. Yoga lovers of all levels are encouraged to attend and lend their positive energy to the practice.
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If you are searching for a something different, something beautiful that will warm your soul and make you feel happy then come and spend some time with us here at Villa K Retreats. We offer daily yoga classes that bring deep, relaxing peace. We also have fitness/pilates/nutritional/spiritual retreats all through our season. Our local and international teachers visit us all summer long to offer their special services and amazing talents. Our retreats/bootcamps/seminars combine self-love, laughter, kindness and the amazing island of Mykonos. We would love you to join us. We have listed some of our retreats for late summer 2017 and we have many more planned for 2018.
Our new space was lovingly created with the intention to bring people together and a sense of being in a home away from home. Mykonos is one of the most famous of all the Greeks islands and has 26 beaches and an atmosphere rarely found anywhere else in the world. Come and enjoy the beautiful island and all is has to offer and at the same time take care of your body and soul.
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Make your stay in Branco Mykonos a journey to eudaemonia. Combine rejuvenating fitness treatments with the ambiance of the Greek island and enjoy an exceptional wellness experience. Our Fitness & Wellness team has prepared for you special treatments in both the Fitness Centre of Branco Mykonos and the massage area at the beach of PlatisGialos.
Enjoy yoga at the beach, have a private massage at the palmier, join a group fitness workout at the gym or arrange a private training session.