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Mykonos island

Considered a Rubik’s cube by many, the so-called “case of Mykonos” appears to remain a puzzle, if you try to judge it or explain it by the naïve notion of a, more or less, miraculous “sun and beach” brand.

After all, Mykonos is not a complicated place: it is a small and simple one, which does not mean that it will not provoke thought, the cell that wants to dance or the optic nerve that wants to be stimulated.

This island is beautiful one way or another, even in August, when its cosmopolitan beaches remind you of a type of mega yacht Expo. Even if everybody there is like in a condensed form of a broth cube: Italians in an Armani package, dressed up to the nines as though they were Porphyrio Rubirosa’s descendants; or in tight-pants slipping down on their oily bodies and looking as natural to the environment as the pelicans at Yalos; Athenians and other weekenders; strong doses of pollen and suntan lotion; wannabe stars mademoiselles sipping away on vodkatinis; “femmes fatales” in space age goggles; quad bikes that remind you of Venice City, California, equipped with exhaust pipes thunderously shattering the Mediterranean quiet and the sound of millions of waves breaking on the shore in all directions with the help of the god Aeolus.